Corbett Tiger Reserve Introduces ZiPS for Wildlife Conservation!

Embark on a Tech-Infused Safari Adventure

Get ready for an exciting safari experience at Corbett Tiger Reserve, where cutting-edge technology meets wildlife conservation! Discover how ZiPS, the revolutionary Safari Tracking application, is transforming the way the reserve manages its vibrant ecosystem, ensuring a thrilling yet responsible adventure for every visitor.


Why ZiPS for Safari vehicle tracking?


Real-time Tracking of Safari Vehicles:

Monitor safari vehicles for over-speeding, unusual stops, and deviations from designated routes. Ensure adherence to speed limits to protect both wildlife and tourists.


Generate Real-time Reports:

Utilize ZiPS to generate comprehensive reports instantly, both online and offline.
Access real-time data to make informed decisions about the reserve's management.


Digital Repository for Vehicle Data:

Establish a centralized repository for storing and managing data related to safari vehicles.
Facilitate easy retrieval of historical data for analysis and planning.


Alert System:

Receive immediate alerts for overcrowding in safari vehicles to maintain a balanced and sustainable environment.
Monitor and receive alerts for prolonged stops and instances of over-speeding to ensure the safety of wildlife and visitors.


Gypsy Tracking:

Implement ZiPS to track the movement of safari vehicles, particularly gypsies, to prevent unauthorized excursions and maintain the integrity of the reserve's designated paths.


⁠Application in Corbett Tiger Reserve:

Corbett Tiger Reserve recognizes the importance of employing advanced technology to enhance wildlife conservation efforts. 

ZiPS - Zipr integrated Positioning System is seamlessly integrated into their monitoring system, providing real-time insights into the behavior of safari vehicles. The reserve's administrators use the app to track and address potential issues promptly, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

By utilizing ZiPS, Corbett Tiger Reserve is at the forefront of adopting technological solutions for efficient wildlife management, promoting responsible tourism, and safeguarding the natural habitat.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve, located in Uttarakhand, is Asia’s first national park established in 1936, renowned for its biodiversity including the world's highest density of tigers.

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