Corbett Training Centre

Preparing the Protectors of Our Natural Heritage

The Corbett Wildlife Training Centre serves as the cornerstone for capacity-building within the Corbett Tiger Reserve. With a focus on holistic and hands-on training, the Centre equips Forest Guards, daily wagers, local villagers, EDC members and other stakeholders with essential skills and field-based knowledge, setting the gold standard for wildlife protection and community engagement.

Workforce: The Backbone of Conservation

Corbett Tiger Reserve is proud to have a robust workforce that includes approx. 500 daily wagers, 230 Forest Guards, 100 Foresters,15 Range Officers, and 04 Sub Divisional Forest officers. This is a dedicated team that works tirelessly round-the-clock to ensure the safety and well-being of the reserve's rich biodiversity.

Multifaceted Training Programs

Technology Training
In an era where technology is indispensable, training sessions cover the use of advanced surveillance tools like motion sensor cameras, camera traps, night vision devices, thermal imagery, and drone operation.

Self-Preservation Techniques
Training programs also include self-preservation techniques to prepare the staff for dangers they might face, whether from wildlife or from potential poachers.

Best Practices

Innovative methods and best practices in wildlife conservation are often adopted to keep the training curriculum, updated and effective.

Specialized Patrolling Drives

To supplement regular foot patrolling, the training also includes special patrolling methods such as:

1. Radial Patrolling: An expansive coverage technique where teams move out in all directions from a central point.
2. Ridge Patrolling: A collaborative effort where teams from different ranges focus on ridge areas.
3. Joint Patrolling: In partnership with other divisions, like the Bijnor Forest Division of UP, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the area.
4. Night Patrolling: Trainees from the Corbett Wildlife Training Centre are deployed for real-world night patrolling exercises.

Advanced Technologies for Surveillance

The training curriculum includes the use of state-of-the-art surveillance mechanisms like the E-eye Surveillance system and drones to monitor inaccessible areas. This technological edge is particularly important for securing the reserve’s vulnerable boundaries.

Beyond the Reserve: Community and Stakeholder Training

The Corbett Wildlife Training Centre also extends its training programs to villagers, tour guides, and other stakeholders, strengthening the broader ecosystem of conservation.

Measurable Outcomes

The effectiveness of these training programs can be seen in the patrolling data, with thousands of kilometers covered every month, ensuring a well-protected and well-managed natural habitat.

Through rigorous and comprehensive training programs, the Corbett Wildlife Training Centre aims to create a skilled and resilient team capable of preserving one of India's most treasured natural reserves.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve, located in Uttarakhand, is Asia’s first national park established in 1936, renowned for its biodiversity including the world's highest density of tigers.

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