Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

A Commitment to Conservation and Coexistence

Our Veterinary Unit

Guardians of Wildlife Health

Our state-of-the-art Veterinary Unit, is the cornerstone of conservation efforts at Corbett Tiger Reserve. Committed to safeguarding both wild and captive animals, the unit provides a wide range of veterinary services


Comprehensive Healthcare Management

Whether it is an ailing wild elephant or a captive tiger, our specialized team delivers comprehensive healthcare, including preventive treatments, diagnostics, surgical interventions, and ongoing medical care.

Capture, Rescue, and Rehabilitation

Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as drone surveillance, night-vision binoculars, and advanced tranquilizing drugs, we undertake various rescue operations. Our objectives are manifold: from mitigating human-wildlife conflicts to conducting disease control.

Disease Monitoring in the Wild

While wild animals usually elude close observation, our vigilant team carefully and painstakingly inspects, any carcass that is found, for signs of infectious diseases. At the same time, we also manage immunization programs for domestic cattle in the region.

Quick Response Team (QRT)

Your Emergency Wildlife Conflict Managers

Designed to tackle emergency situations arising from human- wildlife interactions, our Quick Response Team is always on standby.

Fully Equipped for Any Scenario

From tranquilizing equipment and cages to night-vision cameras and snake rescue kits, the QRT is equipped with all the essential tools that are needed or immediate response.

Continuous Training

To stay updated with global best practices, our team regularly undergoes training programs. Their preparedness is key.

Our Veterinary Unit and Quick Response Team work in unison to promote both the well-being of wildlife and the safety of human communities. Their concerted efforts, exemplify our commitment towards fostering a harmonious co-existence between humankind and nature.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve, located in Uttarakhand, is Asia’s first national park established in 1936, renowned for its biodiversity including the world's highest density of tigers.

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