Corbett Interpretation

Glimpse of the Centre

Situated in Dhangarhi, the Corbett Interpretation Center serves as an informative gateway to the diverse ecosystems of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Established on December 12, 1996, it has emerged as a prominent draw for both tourists and researchers. The center boasts an extensive array of exhibits that vividly showcase the wonders of the natural world.

Highlights of the Centre


Different Ecosystems:

A focal point of interest at the center is the elaborate exhibition showcasing the diverse ecosystems comprising the Corbett Tiger Reserve. This educational exhibit offers visitors valuable insights into the intricate relationships between flora, fauna, and geography within the reserve.


Wildlife Trophies:

Within its walls, the center proudly displays a captivating array of trophies, including those of tigers and other wildlife. These artifacts not only enthrall tourists with their historical significance but also serve as a poignant reminder of the critical imperative for conservation efforts.


Night Forest Experience:

A standout feature is the simulated nighttime forest experience. With meticulously crafted sounds and visuals, it provides a guided, interactive, and immersive journey through the nocturnal activities of the forest. This distinctive encounter offers visitors a rare glimpse into the vibrant world that comes alive after dark.


Bird and Mammal Calls:

The center offers an auditory experience of the calls of various birds and mammals native to the Corbett Reserve, providing a thoroughly educational and delightful experience.


3D Theater Room:

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the 3D theater room presents wildlife documentaries and films that enrich the visitor's understanding of the natural world.


Monsoon Music:

A unique exhibit beautifully encapsulates the atmosphere of the forest during the monsoon season. It skillfully blends the soothing sound of rain with the vibrant calls of animals and birds, creating an immersive experience that transports visitors to this lush, rainy landscape.


The Educational Experience

The Corbett Interpretation Center aims to:

1. Enlighten visitors about the abundant biodiversity of the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
2. Offer an immersive encounter for a personalized connection with nature.
3. Advocate for responsible tourism, emphasizing the critical role of conservation.
4. Function as a valuable resource for researchers, students, and avid wildlife enthusiasts

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve, located in Uttarakhand, is Asia’s first national park established in 1936, renowned for its biodiversity including the world's highest density of tigers.

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