Corbett Butterfly Park

This is an initiative aimed at diversifying the wildlife experience in the region. While Corbett is most famous for its tigers, this park offers an equally captivating experience focused on butterflies, demonstrating the rich biodiversity of the area.


Attractions and Features

Alongside its role as a visitor attraction, the butterfly park is a hub for conservation research. Wildlife management and habitat restoration initiatives are part of its long-term goals. Plants are chosen to attract butterflies and encourage them to feed and breed.
A specially designed sensory garden enhances the visitor experience. 

Diverse Species

The park is home to a wide range of butterfly species, from those commonly found to ones that are extremely rare, showcasing the incredible diversity of this insect family.

Interactive Exhibits

Visitors can learn about the butterfly life cycle, migration patterns, and ecological importance through interactive displays and information boards.

Walk-in Aviaries

The park features walk-in aviaries where visitors can get up-close and personal, with these beautiful creatures, offering unparalleled opportunities for photography and observation.

Educational Programs

Regular workshops, guided tours, and interactive sessions are conducted to educate visitors about butterfly ecology and conservation.


Kyari Village: The Ideal Setting

The Butterfly Park, and related activities like the Titli Tyar festival in Kyari village, are collaborative efforts involving various stakeholders: local communities, the tourism department, forest officials, and environmentalists. Activities at the park include educational butterfly walks, interactive sessions for children, seed bombing demonstrations as well as moth-watching sessions at night.

Kyari village, surrounded by protected forest and crisscrossed by tributaries of the Ramganga River, offers an ideal setting for the butterfly trail. Easily accessible yet far enough from the main road, the village provides an optimal blend of convenience and natural beauty. Its location makes it perfect for other activities like birding and nature walks, enhancing the overall experience.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve, located in Uttarakhand, is Asia’s first national park established in 1936, renowned for its biodiversity including the world's highest density of tigers.

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